Bobby Schofield is a spiritual peer-support specialist and meditation coach living in Albuquerque, NM. Inspired by the teachings of spiritual philosophers such as Alan Watts, Ram Dass, and Richard Rohr, Bobby's works tend to deal with simplicity and personal integration as it effects our lives. In listening to your experiences and spiritual struggles, he hopes to share ideas which inspire compassion or ease worry with his work.

Bobby's use of spirituality comes from a sense of delight in the world around us, without many of the hang-ups, imaginings, and branding used in many other spiritual or religious writings. He tries to draw wisdom from many sources in an effort to assist his work on the integration process as it effects our understanding of ourselves.

Photo Taken by Samuel David Katz in San Diego, CA

There will never be a need to purchase content or writings, and that makes donations the best way to support Bobby's work. Bobby also makes mala bracelets and necklaces which can be purchased below. Please donate, or purchase a mala as a means of supporting Bobby in his mission spread ease through the internet.